Atisan – Seagrass Basket – Nama – large


The seagrass basket Nama is particularly light and filigree woven. It has a classic pot shape, which makes it popular as a plant basket. Nama has two handles on the side and can therefore also be used as a shopping basket, washing basket or for transport.

This basket was made by hand from natural, sustainable materials, completely avoiding plastic and the use of artificial colours. The different colours are achieved by using different fibres. The colour variations of seagrass and other fibres are also influenced by the different duration of ripening in the sun. In addition, waste products from other raw materials, such as banana leaves and maize husks, are integrated to complete the basket designs.

Material: Seagrass
Origin: Ninh Binh, Vietnam
Dimensions: Diameter 40 cm, Height 40 cm

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