Que onda vos – Rug – Ayahuasca Wood – 85 x 140cm


This coloured design is woven by hand on a foot-loom from 100% hand-spun sheep wool.

Inspired by the Ayahuasca ritual common in Latin America, the hypnotic lines are bold yet beautiful, the forms and colours take on a different meaning and structure, and makes for a great conversation piece.

– Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool from local sheep
– Natural color of wool & natural dye
– Colors: black, white, beige, orange, khaki
– Weaving technique: foot loom
– Size: 85cm width x 140cm length
– Handmade in Guatemala
– Bio cotton QUE ONDA VOS label

Note: because all products are entirely made by hand, there will always be a slight difference in colour and dimension.

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