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Ferran Freixa Jové, 1961

ADI FAD (Golden Delta), Barcelona 1961

The poplar is a tree that is characteristic to river banks and wetlands, producing soft white, almost knot-free wood, which needs to be felled before autumn in order to preserve its whiteness and flexibility. Using this highly abundant, popular material, pioneering designer Ferrán Freixa designed an unusual shade with an oriental, virtually Zen style, built using thin vertical strips attached to a small, circular metal rod structure. His lamp was the first winner of the Golden Delta ADI-FAD award for the best industrial design produced in Spain back in 1961.

Height: 24cm
Diameter: 42cm
Cable length: 3m
Diameter Diffuser: 42cm

Lampshade made of thin, natural wooden strips.
Electric cable length: 3 m / 118.1″
Weight: 1,1 kg / 2.4 lb
Light source not included!
Max. 60 W, LED bulb 10 W

Input voltage : 100, 120, 230 Vac. (50 Hz / 60 Hz). According to destination.
Bulb socket: E27 (Max. hgt. 115 mm / 4.5″)

This is a Showroom Display Sale, Lamp in perfect condition but without original packaging!

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