Vinko Nino Jaeger – Stool No. 2 – Scheibe – Item No. 3


Scheibe (German word for “slice”)
The earth is a slice cut from a tree.

Stool Scheibe is handmade of  solid oak with a large, comfortable seat and a carefully hand-cut surface. Oiled with tung oil.

Seat height 44 cm
Diameter 34 cm

Limited edition, signed and numbered
Made in 2020

“A stool is not only a stool, it is a sculpture. A work of performative art that is only complete when used by a person or animal. The stool invites us to sit, to rest, become one and connect to earth. Its wood, flesh from the tree, becomes warm when touched by the body.

Sit on it, feel the deep layers of the wood, its inner secrets.

A whisper goes from body to body and tells stories from the earth.
Write down, my body!

In the woods we get to know each other and get lost.
We cherish it. Call it art. Call it living.

Use your hands to see.
Stand on three legs,
The odd one is your best.”

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