Volta – Gift Set for Tea Lovers


A very special gift for real Tea Lovers!

– Organic Mountain Tea
– Handmade, stoneware Tea bowl
(Random glazes! Please specify special color wishes at checkout, we will try to find them for you)
– Two hand poured Beeswax candles
– A bamboo Tea strainer
– Organic honey comb
– A beautiful wrapping in our Gift box in “sand”

We add for free:
– a little Chocolate bar (or a Gingerbread ornament during Christmas season like pictured).
– a handwritten Card (please write your note in Textfield at checkout or leave it empty and get an empty card)
– some dried Flowers

Please notice: Gift boxes are only available as long as all products are in stock!

Organic Mountain Tea

Flowers and whole leaves of the most popular Greek herb create a delicious tisane, perfect for every time of the day you opt for a few meditation moments.

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Studio Arhoj - Winter Bowl - diff. colors

The Winter Bowl is hand-thrown in various stoneware clays and dipped in a wide range of glazes. It's a beautiful vessel for pickles, snacks or candy. Based on the classic shape from Japanese culture.

Approx. 15 cm x 6 cm

Please notice: Photos are only indicative. Dimensions and finish can variate from product to product due to the 100% hand crafted production. Please specify your favorite color in textfield at checkout (better your top 3) and we try to fulfill your wishes!

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Olive and Iris - Bamboo - Tea Strainer

Handcrafted by highly skilled artisans, each tea strainer takes almost a day to finish.
Our artisans use a special technique to make locally-sourced bamboo strips for weaving, making them very strong and practical.
Designed to have 2 handles for easy usage.

Dimensions: L 15,5cm, W 5,5cm, H 5cm
Material: Bamboo
Care: Hand wash
There might be some natural smell. Rinse the product in hot water for 2 - 3 times, or leave it in hot water for a little while.

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Mein Honig - Organic Honeycomb in a jar - 240ml

Edible Organic Honeycomb in a glass jar. Eat it with fresh, warm bread and butter or chew it like a chewing gum!
Glass contains: 240ml
Responsive and organic production in Austria by David Priller, beekeeper and manufacturer of "Mein Honig" in Kalkalpen National Park.

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Stephanus Kerzenwerkstatt - Pure Beeswax - Hand dipped Table Candle - Bundle of two

100% Beeswax, hand-dipped Candle from Stephanus Kerzenwerkstatt.
If you could smell them…

h16cm, ø5,5cm, burns: 8,5h

Stephanus is a non-profit workshop for jung adult and adult people with disabilities in Austria.
They get special treatments and therapies and education in different workshops like baking, wood work, pottery, sewing and farming.
They learn to care for themselves in a friendly and respectful community.

Do not leave burning candles unattended or in reach of Children.

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