We are ready to support your project! We appreciate your interest in collaborating with Volta and look forward to seeing how we can be part of your creative endeavor. 

Please send us an email with a succinct presentation of your project:

  1. Project Overview: In a brief paragraph, describe your project, detailing the client involved and the venues or platforms where it will be showcased or published. Mention specifically the expected platforms for display or publication, whether in print, online, or exhibitions.
  2. Links: Include any relevant website or social media links where we can view more about your project or your professional portfolio.

Opportunities for Featuring Volta:

  • Detail how Volta could be featured in your project, such as through social media mentions or copyrights in print materials.

Fee Structure:

  • For commercial clients and larger productions, we require a rental fee, which can be negotiated based on the specifics of the project.
  • For independent productions, we are open to supporting your project free of charge in exchange for credit and acknowledgment.

Thank you for considering Volta in your professional work.



Special Inquiries for (Photo) Stories, Interviews, and Features

  • We are enthusiastic about collaborating on photo stories, interview requests, and special features. Please reach out directly to us at for such inquiries.

We appreciate your interest in featuring Volta and look forward to facilitating your needs with appropriate imagery. Please ensure your request includes all necessary details to expedite the approval process.

For all press and media inquiries for imagery at Volta, please send us an email with following details:

  1. Publication Context: Briefly introduce where and how the imagery will be used. Specify the medium, the size of the publication, and the expected publication date.
  2. Online Presence: Indicate whether the images will also be published online or shared on social media platforms, and provide any relevant links from which we could link back to your content.

Copyright Notice:

  • Please be aware that our images cannot be used from our website without our express written permission. We are happy to provide high-resolution images, including those with a transparent background, upon request.

Publication Requirements:

  • We require that our name and website URL be included at least on the same page as any published image. This is a crucial condition for our approval of the image use.

Contact Information:

  • For all inquiries and to receive the necessary permissions, please contact us directly at

Thank you for respecting our terms and for your cooperation.



When introducing your brand or product to Volta, please send us an email containing all the necessary information in a clear and concise manner:

  1. Brand Introduction: Provide a brief description of your brand, its core values, and what sets it apart in the market.
  2. Links: Include URLs to your brand’s website and social media profiles to help us better understand your online presence.
  3. Product Details: Describe the product you are presenting, specifying the materials used and emphasizing any sustainable aspects if applicable.
  4. Pricing: Clearly list the wholesale prices and shipping options to facilitate our assessment process.
  5. We care a lot about area protection: If you already sell in another store in Vienna or plan to do so, mention this information in your e-mail, including all other store names.

Please Note:

  • No Surprise Visits: Do not visit our shop unannounced for presentation.
  • No Unsolicited Samples: Avoid sending product samples unless requested. (We will not send them back or pay for them!)

If your email contains attachments larger than 10MB, kindly use services like WeTransfer to prevent them from landing in our spam folder.

We receive a high volume of inquiries and are only able to respond to those Brands that catch our interest. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and if interested, we will definitely reach out to you.

Thank you for respecting our process. This ensures efficient communication and consideration for all parties involved.