Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson – Handmade stoneware – Egg cup – grey-white


Handmade Egg cup by ceramic artist Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson in Denmark.
Press molded in a plaster mold and then finished by hand.
Chamotte red sandstone, at engobe at 1260 degrees she experiments with ash reacting with the clay for creating enamel effects. Cooking over a wood fire for 26 hours.

Features three pits, one for the egg, another for a little spoon and the last one for a pinch of salt.
Dimensions: L10cm X W 5.5cm X H 2cm

As this is a handmade object, it is one of a kind and may vary a bit in size, shape and colour!

Dishwasher (but hand wash recommended) and Food safe, do not put it in an oven or microwave.

Spoon not included but available below.


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