Aoiro Studio – Hakudo Half Moon – Incense Sticks – 50pc


Set of 50 incens sticks in a wooden box.
Hakudo Moon Incense is a pure composition of fragrant woods with botanical essences. Each delicate line of incense is made by hand on Awaji island in Japan where its warm west wind from the ocean had been ideal for the ancestral method of incense making.

Aromatic Woods:

乳香  • Frankincense

檜  • Hinoki

白檀  • Sandalwood

安息香  • Benzoin

桂皮 • Cinnamon

Pure Essences:

Turmeric • curcuma longa

Blue Cypress • callitris intratropicas

Rosemary • rosmarinus officinalis

Hinoki • chamaecyparis obtusa

moonlight & wind of awaji Island

The mystic aroma of Hakudo moon draws the needle of your inner compass towards the understanding that knowledge is ancient and we can trust the intelligence of emotion.

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