Daphnis and Chloe – Greek Oregano Bouquet


This Oregano is carefully selected from remote organic farms across the mountainous villages of Greece, where it grows near the forest amongst walnut and chestnut trees. The wholesome surroundings play a huge role in its distinctive earthy, spicy flavor and rich aroma. It takes the skilled workers an entire hour to assemble just 15. So what is the purpose of such an effort? To preserve the crispy flavors of minute-ground Oregano all the way to your kitchen!


Oregano isn’t just one herb, but a generic name used to define over 40 plant varieties worldwide. According to botanical scientists, some of the most praised varieties thrive in Greece. High-quality Greek Oregano shows higher concentrations of antioxidants and essential oils when compared to other Mediterranean counterparts.

This selection is sourced from remote farms over 900m altitude and dried naturally near the fields. Choosing plants cultivated in their indigenous ecosystem at high altitudes is crucial to this product’s quality.

Ideal for marinades and sauces or sprinkled over salads, this Oregano is the absolute all-purpose seasoning for Mediterranean cooking. Its aroma might fade once slow-cooked. Therefore, we recommend adding it midway through the cooking (e.g., in sauces) or towards the end as a finishing herb.

Store to maintain its freshness and rich fragrance. Place your bouquet in a long pasta jar or any airtight container. Properly storing your herbs expands their life span. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.

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