Kohchosai Kosuga – Handmade Japanese Bamboo Bread Basket


Traditionally Handmade Japanese Bamboo Basket
Dimensions approx.: L 41cm x D 21cm x H 20cm

Bamboo has been incorporated in our daily lives in many ways, used to make items such as chopsticks and baskets.
Bamboo crafts such as flower baskets and tea ceremony utensils like tea whisks and tea spoons are essential in the three major performing arts in Japan: sado (tea ceremony), kado (flower arrangement), and kodo (traditional incense ceremony).
Bamboo has played an important role in Japanese daily life and culture.

Furthermore, bamboo matures in four to five years and does not need agricultural pesticides, making it environmentally-friendly.
Bamboo can also be used as a substitute for wood, making it a sustainable material for future generations.

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