Midori – Notebook – DIN A5 – Codex – Blank with transp. Cover


MD Notebook Journal Codex 1 Day 1 Page allows you to chronicle each day of your year—the people you met, the places you went and what was on your mind. At the end, you’ll have a whole book full of memories. Keep it on your bookshelf and read it again over the years, to look back on who you were and what you did this year.

With a whole page for each day, there’s even more space to enjoy the freedom of blank space and the comfort that MD PAPER provides when writing and drawing.
Codex binding with an exposed thread-stitched spine allows the journal to open out flat from beginning to end for easy writing every day of the year.

The corner of each page tears off along a dotted line, providing a satisfying end to your entries.
You can write the date or number each page in the space at the bottom.

The notebook features MD PAPER, their original paper that prevents smearing and bleed-through for comfortable writing, especially for fountain pen fanatics. The exposed spine with codex binding allows this thick journal to open flat from the first page to the last.

Size: DIN A5 , H210×W148×D20mm
Weight: approx.500g
Pages: 368 pages
Specifications: Codex binding / Pages perforated in one corner / Label stickers(MD PAPER)

Comes with an additional, transparent cover (removable)!

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