Studio Terrible – Terrible Magazine – No. 02


Terrible Magazine was founded by Nina Kammerer and Vrinda Jelinek 2019 in Vienna. They noticed a lack of representation for small and conscious brands in magazines.

Therefore they dedicated themselves to slow and responsible brands that create beautiful pieces and care about the environment, as well as to the people behind the items. They combine fashion with art and atmospheric photography to create an overall aesthetic and inspiring product. They want to bring conscious fashion closer to the reader and support those to create a clean, yet outstanding closet for themselves over time.

Contributers in Issue 2:
Adrian Hazi, Alina Zamanova, Anne Puhlmann, Catherine Hu, Celia Esterlus, Denise Rudolf Frank, Dina Bukva, Erika Lee Sears, Katharina Hoeglinger, Lea Sonderegger, Livia Falcaru, Masha Reva x Nadiia World, Mary Stephenson, Nina Kammerer, Noemi Ticia Kirics, Susanna Hofer, Yelena Yemchuk.

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