Hollands Licht – The Lotek

In 1982, Benno Premsela designed a collection that today remains one of the most well-known design classics in Dutch lighting. A perfect graphic composition of a few fine lines and a cube of soft linen. Its timeless character makes it a valuable addition to every interior. The design consists of many aspects; minimalism, architecture, balance and functionality.

Premsela was inspired by the Japanese Tatami mat, where spaces are separated into 300cm by 300cm sections by rice paper screens, which allow a diffuse light to shine through. The Lotek consists of a module of 30cm by 30cm with a height of 30, 60, 90 or 120cm.

All heights come supplied with the metal legs which are simple to adjust. In addition, its light weight makes the floor lamp easy to move. Lotek XS and Lotek XL are a further evolution of the original, with all parts exactly 33.3% smaller or 33.3% larger.

Hollands Licht - Benno Premsela - Lotek Classic