Art Print – Jörgen Hansson – Leaves XI – 50x50cm

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Art Print by Jörgen Hansson.
Jörgen is a swedish artist and stone mason living in Bohuslän on the westcoast of Sweden.
“I am making use of many different techniques and materials when I create, which makes it interesting and inspiring and it helps me to not stagnate in a certain form in the creation of pictures or sculptures. I use ink, stone, charcoal, wood, watercolor, drypoint, acrylic etc. Most often I simplify pictures and shapes until I get a nerve in the line or the Surfaces that feels right.
My inspiration is often nature and people.”

Size: 50x50cm

Solid Oak Frame - Natural - 50x50 cm

Solid oak wood frame with real glass.
This frame will give your posters and art prints a beautiful Scandinavian and minimalistic look.

Materials: Oak frame, real glass
Size: 50x50 cm


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