C/O Vienna – Magazine #5 – The Provinz Issue


The C/O Vienna Magazine reports on charismatic and creative people, places and projects.

Dimensions: 210 x 270mm
244 pages
With one of 8 postcard cover variations by Piero Percoco, base cover by Vrinda Jelinek.
Language: German/English

Printed in Vienna, Austria
Editor-in-chief: Antje Mayer-Salvi
Art direction: Christoph Schörkhuber

“Arts and Culture are everywhere! What’s special about C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE is that it not only writes about creatives, but produces its stories WITH them, throwing all the rules of classic cultural journalism  overboard. C/O Vienna is primarily an INTERVIEW MAGAZINE – with a twist! We let a NASA astronaut tell us about beauty, talk to a nun about feminism or to a butcher about his love for animals.

Each story gets a tailor-made, customized design. With great attention to detail and fancy typography, but without rubrics and other remnants of conserva- tive cultural reporting, we are left with space for the most important thing: stories and interviews beyond convention.”


An issue about roots. The uniquely german word „Provinz“ is difficult to translate in meaning, as it transcends mere „province“, but also encompasses all aspects of rural life. „Provinz“ is the place you long to escape from, the one you miss once you’re gone. Where geniuses are born, before they get discovered in the city. We tried to approach the topic in 220 pages, while avoiding all clichés and uncovering unknown aspects of it.

Interviews & Stories with Soap&Skin, Mom & Dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger(‘s wax figure), Google & Maps, Eva & Adolf, Dirndl & Braid, Style & Binge Drinking, Andreas Kronthaler & Vivienne Westwood, the Milky Way & Rounabouts, Paul McCarthy & Lilith Stangenberg, Volunteers & the Fire Department, Stefanie Reinsperger & Fury.

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