Cee Cee Berlin Issue 2

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The book is chock full with more than 200 fresh tips: a selection of the very best from 2014–2016, brand-new discoveries, and carefully sourced re­discoveries. Like the first volume, it’s a constantly surprising mix of recommendations, including hidden cafés and neighborhood bars, concept stores and specialty restaurants, destinations further afield in the surrounding countryside, and a dedicated and detailed analysis of the hyperlocal. Numerous photographs and full-page spreads of the city visualize the Berlin of today, and exclusive recommendations from guest contributors in the art and culture sector as well as insider tips from the Cee Cee community make this book a veritable treasure trove for explorers. The second Cee Cee book is a must-have for locals, Berlin fans, and the Berliners of tomorrow.

Release Date: October 2016
Format: 20 × 27 cm
Features: 288 pages, approx. 450 color images, hardcover
Language: German / English


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