Daphnis and Chloe – Sweet Marjoram


Marjoram is famous for being one of the herbs that best maintain its full flavor and aroma after drying. Several varieties are available, all with different flavor profiles. This zesty, surprisingly floral selection is hand-harvested from a farm in Eastern Crete at the beginning of the Summer. They obtain its entire leaves and petals through an elaborate destemming process, so the suppliers can only produce a small amount of such quality each year.


Marjoram is a close relative of Oregano, and they often are used interchangeably in various recipes, especially sweet-flavored vegetables as carrots or in tomato sauce. As a plant, it has a legendary status in literature and mythology: Shakespeare has immortalized it as “the herb of Grace,” while according to ancient greeks, it was given to the people by Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

You can use Marjoram as a topping for hummus, toss it in steamed beetroot salads or include it in multi-herb dressings to add an extra layer of flavor. In the local cuisine of the Ionian islands, marjoram is an essential ingredient for lentil soup: scatter a slight pinch in the pot midway through cooking.

Marjoram also makes an enjoyable herbal tea: Infuse 1 tsp at 95°C for 5 mins, covered. Steep and serve.

For optimal quality, place in an airtight container in a drawer or cupboard. Properly storing your herbs is very important as it expands their life span. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.

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