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Harvest beautiful cut flowers from your garden or balcony! All the varieties in this fine curated collection enchant as fresh-cut flowers from the garden as well as dried flowers in all kinds of arrangements.

For their seed collections, they research the world for the best, most flower-rich cut flowers. Finely coordinated, they can be used to arrange wonderful bouquets. Easy to grow and harvested fresh from the garden, the flowers last a particularly long time in the vase.

Contents: 10 seed packets and instructions for sowing and drying

Anethum Graveolens (Dill), Daucus Carota ‘Dara’ (Wild Carrot), Delphinium Consolida ‘Misty Lavender’ (Larkspur), Helichrysum bracteatum ‘Scarlet’ (Strawflower), Helichrysum bracteatum ‘Silvery Rose’ (Strawflower), Helichrysum bracteatum ‘White’ (Strawflower), Limonium sinuatum ‘QIS Apricot’ (Annual Statice), Limonium sinuatum ‘QIS Pastel’ (Annual Statice), Nigella damascena ‘Mrs Jekyll’ (Love-in-a-Mist), Panicum virgatum ‘Fontaine’ (Ornamental Switch Grass)

Sowing: February – June

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