La Muerte Tiene Permiso – The Bees and the Stone – Espresso Cup – Wine


These cups are made in the town of Reyes, Puebla, by a small community, where the tradition is for women to pick the clay from the mountains around the town. The color of the clay is natural, coming from the mixture of clay and a local stone powder. The pieces are fired with wood in a brick oven, without the use of oil, gas or electricity.
They are burnished – an ancient technique which involves polishing the pieces with a hard stone like quartz. This process closes the pores of the clay making it watertight and creates a unique shine and soft texture without any glaze.

To create a vibrant colour and shine the pieces are then showered in liquid beeswax, creating a very thin cover that penetrates the first layers of the clay, to add an extra watertight layer without changing the taste of your food and it is resistant to boiling liquids.

7,3 cm Diameter
5 cm Height

This is made of natural clay, which is a very good thermal insulator. It does not get hot with boiling water, so it will protect your fingers when your coffee is very hot.
Even though those pieces can resist high temperatures we recommend not to put them in direct contact with fire or for long time in the oven. The special finish with beeswax is resistant enough for food but you should avoid to use aggressive soaps or dishwasher.
A soft and natural soap and a sponge is enough to clean them and preserve the beautiful shine for a very long time.
You can be confident in using spoons with this product.

Due to the item’s individual production, there may be small variations from piece to piece.

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