nowhere space – going home – Candle Holder


One of a kind, hand made candle holder made of black oxidized and wax coated copper by Kelly Fung / nowhere (now here).
Each one has its own wiggling character.
First edition, with numbered stamp.
Comes with 2 hand made St. Eval candles by Malte van der Meyden.
Handmade by Kelly Fung in London

“Based on a memory of when the fuse blew one night, my grandpa would light a candle to lead me back to my room… so ideally this work would be presented in a group (up to 10) to resemble the 10 family members living in the old house. To me, they now stand nicely as an individual pieces as “you are your own home”, and when they are in groups, they are great companions or a family.”  —Kelly Fung

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