ONE.OF.A.KIND Masterclass


Welcome to ONE.OF.A.KINDa Masterclass on brand strategy.

O.O.A.K. is a Masterclass designed for you to create your own brand strategy. You know your brand better than any outside expert: you are your own best brand strategist.

Ulrike Hirtzberger is an international brand strategist and works with clients from across the corporate and agency world at every level – identifying and perfecting their unique brand strategy. She loves to dig deep beneath the surface of brands to explore what gives them their power — and how that power can be tweaked, modified, increased.

Ulrike will guide you through the basics of defining a brand strategy drawing on her many years of experience.
Each chapter mixes theory with real-world examples and includes case studies and exercises that give you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to your specific business environment.
Your personal journal will be your space to work through your responses.

Invest in your brand:

  • Stream 3+ hours of video content in 6 chapters
  • Receive your personal high-quality 120 pages journal
  • Work through 25+ specifically designed exercises at your own pace
  • See theory in play with 10 world-class case studies
  • Get insights from Ulrike’s branding experience
    Find out more about Ulrike Hirtzberger and her Masterclass, listen to her Podcast!

If you like to order the Masterclass at Volta:

  • We send you the Masterclass Journal and add an organic tea for you, to support your journey with a warm cup!
  • We forward your order contact to Ulrike.
  • She will get in contact with you and send you the Login Data, explain all steps and will be here for your support.

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