Pieces of Japan – Chochin Lantern Kit


Chochin is a Japanese collapsible lantern traditionally made of washi paper wrapped around a framework of bamboo rings.
With this Kit, while it does not use bamboo, you will gain insight into the Japanese art of lantern making.

Pieces of Japan Studio collaborated with Kyo-Chochin Minori, a 6th generation family business specializing in the making of Kyoto style Chochin lanterns. Kyoto style lantern have a bone structure made of bamboo made into loops and distributed equally horizontally. When Kyo-Chochin Minori was established lanterns were still used as “lights,” and Chochin shops were equivalent to our electronic stores. Today there are only two businesses left in Kyoto.

Kit includes: Washi paper, Wires 11x, Shiraki (wooden) lid, Shiraki (wooden) base with LED light (Battery included!), Metal handle, Brush, Metal fasteners, Masking tape, Yarn, Cardboard pillars, Cardboard bases, Cardboard clasp, H-shaped stands, Glue

Personal note: The lantern on the first image was assembled by the Volta team, it is far from perfect and we must admit that we don’t have the best hand and patience for such things. We are optimistic that you will have a much better outcome, but nevertheless, we enjoyed it so much while crafting. We recommend taking every single step in the video (link below) more serious than we did (caused by our natural reluctance to construction manuals), not to involve 5 years old kids and just have fun to learn an old, traditional handicraft.
Makes a great gift too!

Assembling instructions can be found on the following page:

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