Studio Fletta – Minute -Stoneware candle holder – Speckled white


Minute Handmade candle holder, shaped in one minute.

The “Minute” candle holders get their name from the short production time used to create the pieces, each piece is hand shaped in one minute. The idea behind the product came about from the studio’s focus on mass production and the fact that Icelanders produce many items abroad. Studio Flétta was inspired to find a way to lessen production time in order to make it more affordable to produce handcrafted products locally, Flétta developed a way to shape these candle holders in one minute. In the project Minute, Flétta seeks to embrace craftsmanship and the charm of handmade objects. The method used in forming the candleholders in only one minute makes the hand of the craftsman a visible part of the final piece.

Dimensions: 24cmx10cmx27cm, Handmade: may vary in size and shape!

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