One of our first stoneware artists, 10 years ago, where James & Tilla Waters. They are award winning studio potters based in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Their partnership combines James’s making skills with Tilla’s love of colour and design. Their practice is rooted in the production of thrown tableware, using both stoneware and porcelain clay bodies.
Have a look into the process of making a mug in their workshop, with kind permission of Nick Bennett, http://handbuiltfilms.com

James and Tilla Waters

Can you fall in love with one special cup?

It’s been nearly ten years, since Volta offers small batches from talented ceramic artists from all over the world. We started with the kindest people, James and Tilla Waters from Wales, and still adore those little Espresso cups so much.
It is not easy to get the busy couple doing a little edition for us, also… Brexit, but this makes them even more special to us and we really hesitate to sell them at all, to be honest, we would prefer to just keep them to ourselves. And yes, you can fall in love with a cup… or maybe a story or good time behind, but you definitely can.

Hand- thrown stoneware coffee cup glazed in Tenmoku.
The base is unglazed and with makers’ mark.

Height approx. 5 cm
Diameter of foot approx. 5 cm


Jérémy Bellina

Jérémy Bellina is a French, Berlin based potter on a craftsmanship journey.

He discovered pottery over the past few years and decided to turn it into his full time job in 2019. He operates from a small studio in Neukölln where he spends the vast majority of his time, sourcing raw materials, throwing, glazing and firing his creations.

He aims at creating contemporary, playful and functional pieces of ceramics for your daily use.


Hella El Khiari and Thomas Egoumenides crossed path in 2009 while studying in the Architecture School of Paris La Villette. Seven years later, they are creating flaÿou, a multidisciplinary, integrative design studio based in Tunis.

Flaÿou inspirations come from the daily life, and aim to create a self-conscious, unformal design, one that wonder about the right things, without taking themselves too seriously.

Flaÿou is dedicated to experimenting with new ecological materials, new composites, the renewed use of materials known for decades and the diverted use of materials.

Volta sells their unique Terracotta Chess and Backgammon boards. The design is inspired and adapted from the traditional art craft of Sejnane’s pottery in Tunisia.
Pottery skills of the women of Sejnane just entered into the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Studio Fletta

Designers Birta Rós Brynjólfsdóttir and Hrefna Sigurðardóttir founded Studio Flétta in 2017. With backgrounds in product design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, they bring a high degree of conceptual and process innovation to their works using mundane or often overlooked products and materials.

Their practice revolves around responsible design, utilizing reused materials and local production with an evident respect for craftsmanship and storytelling.

This level of commitment has been extended with Minute, a line of candlestick holders where each piece is shaped by hand from the slab of clay in only one minute, to ensure a local production resulting in an affordable product.

Marta Bonilla

Marta Bonilla designs and creates her pieces in Barcelona, where her workshop is located.

She started with ceramics a few years ago, and was totally hooked on the material and the freedom that it allowed when working and designing.The pieces that she makes are handmade, with the modeling technique. Her motivation when working is that the object does not lose its naturalness and we see the traces of the creation process.

That the object is beautiful in itself, it is another of her objectives, she is fascinated that while the object does not perform its main function the object becomes a decoration piece.

Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson

Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson is a Swedish potter, graduated from the School of Glass and Ceramics in Bornholm, Denmark in 2000. She moved back to Bornholm in 2004 and was part of an association of workshops and galleries of ceramic artists.

Her way of working with ceramics is modelling, the coil technique, slab work, pinching, or the use of simple cardboard or plaster moulds.

All of her works are fired in a wood oven.


Form & Seek

Turkish-born Nur’s practice, Studio Bilge Nur Saltik was established in 2013, shortly after receiving her master’s degree in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London.

Leading Design Studio Form & Seek in London today, each product emerges from a powerful narrative and is fuelled by an interest in human behaviour and human interaction with objects. Her Ripple espresso cups revisiting geometry and textures on a small scale. Inspired by old Greek Doric columns, Ripple espresso cups are stackable to occupy less shelf space. Ripple cups are 3D printed Porcelain to get the exact fractals as the 3D drawing and cast on ceramic later on.

Elise Santangelo

Elise Santangelo-Rous is a designer and potter based in London, UK. 

Her ceramic practice is a way to explore functionality, with a balance of simplicity and playfulness. She creates both wheel-thrown and hand built pieces that focus on form and materiality, using glaze as a way to highlight the natural qualities of the clay bodies she works with. All pieces are part of an ongoing, evolving body of work consisting of small batches or one-offs.